Los Angeles Young Virtuoso International Music Festival

As the artistic director, Dr. Xiao Chen created The Los Angeles Young Virtuoso International Piano Festival in 2018 for both professional pianists and piano amateurs. The festival based in Southern California, offers valuable performance opportunities and learning experience to young musicians. Dr. Chen invited world-class artists and teachers  to give master classes, lessons, concerts, and lectures. Our festival takes special pride in our unique methodology, which focuses not only on improving students’ performing skills, but also on developing their own identity and individuality through music making. The festival is actively involved with the local communities. Students will have the chance to perform for local audiences.

In the past years, Dr. Chen led the festival team to successfully recruit students from all around the world. Besides piano lessons and masterclasses. The festival also offered music appreciation classes, music lectures on specific topics and periods, and history classes, to help students learn and experience music from diverse perspectives. The inaugural year was celebrated with our generous partner, Azusa Pacific University. Surrounded by cultural centers and recreational activities, the university boasts a beautiful campus full of wonderful facilities, providing students with an appropriate professional academic environment for learning and development. The festival 2020 was successfully held online in August with talented students from China, America, and Europe.

For more information, please visit the festival’s official website (click the link below):